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Oprah, Justin Bieber talk Selena Gomez

OWN executive Oprah Winfrey. (April 14, 2011)

OWN executive Oprah Winfrey. (April 14, 2011) (Credit: AP, 2011)

But enough about Lindsay! What about Justin and Oprah! Last night's much, much promoted Oprah/Bieber sighting on OWN was the other big tube event — unless you want to count the Giants' demolition of Green Bay — and it was quite the event. Those two mega-celebs together in the same room — or restaurant, or private dining arena, hard to say which — and you'd think the very ground would shake with the glory of it all.  O asked about many things — actually, about one thing: Selena Gomez, in which she wondered about "PDAs" (Oprah is very up-to-date on cool age-of-twitter terminology) and other matters. Take a look at this good extended clip . . .

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