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Oscars net a respectable 39.3M viewers

2011 - Jean Dujardin - "The Artist" Jean

2011 - Jean Dujardin - "The Artist"

Jean Dujardin portrays George Valentin in "The Artist." Dujardin won the Oscar for best actor at the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 26, 2012. (Credit: AP )

The glass half-full/half-empty number for last night's Oscarcast on ABC: 39.3 million, which is a tick or two from last year. That's the half-full. Now, the half-empty: This is, while a great number for just about anything save the Super Bowl, still not up to Oscar's higher standards, like 41.6 million for the 82nd, or 46.5 million for the 72nd. That ceremony fell in 2000, and was to be the high-water mark for the decade. But 39.3 is certainly respectable, and well within ABC's expectations and probably the Academy's too. And so, let's end on the glass being half-full. 

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