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'Princesses Long Island,' a first look

Four cast members of the new Bravo TV

Four cast members of the new Bravo TV series "Princesses: Long Island" step out. They are (left to right) Casey Cohen, 28, Jericho; Ashlee White, 30, Roslyn; Chanel Omari, 28, Great Neck; and Joey Lauren Brodish, 30, Freeport. (Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo)

"Princesses: Long Island" arrives on Bravo in early June, but, in the meantime, here's a quick overview of the pilot, which we've seen. (A full, very opinionated review will be coming later this month.)

As you probably already know, it's about a group of young women on Long Island who live at home with their parents in various communities (Great Neck, Roslyn, and so on). They are: Amanda Bertoncini, 27, Great Neck; Joey Lauren Brodish, who goes by Joey Lauren, 30, Freeport; Casey Cohen, 28, Jericho; Erica Gimbel, 29, Old Westbury; Chanel "Coco" Omari, 28, Great Neck; and Ashlee White, 30, Roslyn.

There's a lot going on here, and -- without getting into too much detail -- you can expect the usual unscripted pilot setup: Introductions are made, storylines are developed and tension (with the aid of alcohol) -- is stoked. You meet parents, boyfriends, siblings, watch them go on shopping expeditions, plan parties, get a pedicure, and so on.

But there's also a consistent theme here and it's inescapable from the opening shot: No longer kids, these adults are the offspring of privilege who refuse to shed their sense of entitlement or comfort. They live at home and, for the most part, very much want to live at home. Erica explains that "I think it's definitely normal we live at home with our parents; it's definitely a Jewish thing and definitely a Long Island thing." But there's ambivalence too: Chanel says that she comes from "a Jewish Orthodox family [which means] kids live at home until they get married [BUT] I'm getting pressured already" to get married, especially as her younger sister prepares for her wedding.

Class tensions rankle just below the surface too. Joey, from Freeport, is very nearly scornful of her Gold Coast pals: "A lot of girls in Long Island are part of the lucky sperm club. I'm so far from spoiled... I have a fulltime job and launching my own business and according to my dad, still not working hard enough... The typical Long Island girl is so into status. She drives a BMW, shops at Roosevelt Field Mall, has a Prada bag... The guy who you date is pretty much who you are on Long Island."

And so on. The premiere is June 2 at 9 p.m. Watch a preview at

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