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'Princesses: Long Island': Look ahead

Candid moment of the princesses in the News

Candid moment of the princesses in the News 12 Long Island studios. (Credit: Lee Danuff/News 12 Interactive)

Offered in a spirit that the viewer who is forewarned is forearmed, here's a quick look at the rest of this month's "Princesses: Long Island." Bravo shot out these brief show descripts earlier, and you'll be relieved to know that there's no return to Freeport, best we can tell:

SUNDAY 6/9 9PM  Ashlee and Chanel travel into the city and meet new Princess Casey, a New York City dweller who is anything but the typical Long Island girl. Joey tries to makes nice with Amanda after the pool party debacle caused by her friend. Casey opens up about her painful past with Erica but tries to put their issues aside for a group trip to the Hamptons. At Chanel’s Shabbat dinner, Casey’s anger boils over, turning a peaceful Shabbat into a Shabbacolypse!

SUNDAY 6/16 9PM ET/PT  Shabbacolypse continues as Erica and Casey finally attempt to hash out their decade-old issues without resolution. Meanwhile, Amanda avoids the drama by escaping to her love nest with Jeff. Ashlee, Joey, Chanel and Casey survey the man selection at brunch, but the cute guys leave them with a bad taste in their mouths. Then, the girls party the day away at an outdoor bash where Ashlee and Joey butt heads over flirtation techniques. Rob comes to Erica’s rescue, but even he cannot curb her partying ways when things get out of hand on their last night, leaving the rest of the girls baffled and concerned.

 “MR. WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT” SUNDAY 6/23 9PM ET/PT  It's Ashlee’s 30th birthday and all the Princesses are there to help her celebrate Long Island style – in a club in a strip mall and a scantily clad crudité server. Later, Chanel gets an unexpected and unpleasant visit from her ex-boyfriend who is anything but Prince Charming. Ashlee takes Casey, Chanel and Joey to a weekend away at a Jewish singles camp in Connecticut, but a summer storm threatens to throw their trip off track. Back on Long Island, Amanda and her mom Babs take Erica out to the hottest club on Long Island. With boyfriend Rob waiting at home, Erica isn’t afraid to show her flirty side.

 “INTERMENSCHION” SUNDAY 6/30 9PM ET/PT (NEW EPISODE)  Amanda takes Chanel out on the town to cheer her up after an upsetting confrontation with her ex-boyfriend. After Erica repeatedly flakes on the rest of the Princesses, Chanel decides that her drinking is hurting their relationship. She brings it up to the girls and Casey (of all people!) volunteers to help her snap Erica back to reality, but will Erica ever change? Amanda and Joey avoid the drama by busily working on their businesses while Ashlee enjoys a date with an NCB: Nice Christian Boy.

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