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QVC to 'take a pause' with Paula Deen

Celebrity chef Paula Deen on the Food Network.

Celebrity chef Paula Deen on the Food Network. (Credit: AP, 2006)

In what really only be described as the wimpy-wimpy-wimpiest Paula Deen termination letter in recent hours — and there have been quite the spate of them — QVC pretty much outdid everyone by saying that it would "take a pause" with Deen and the various assorted products she hawks on the network.

Here's a portion of the letter from QVC chief Mike George, which seeks to appease both the pro-Deen crowd and the anti-Deen crowd but, in the process, may simply prove that  — to paraphrase Ricky Nelson — you can't appease everyone:

And in any strong relationship, when troubles arise, the first step is to talk. We have talked with Paula and her team extensively over the last several days, and together we have considered what is best for our customers, for Paula, and for QVC. For now, we have decided to take a pause. Paula won’t be appearing on any upcoming broadcasts and we will phase out her product assortment on our online sales channels over the next few months. We all think it’s important, at this moment, for Paula to concentrate on responding to the allegations against her and on her path forward. Some of you may wonder whether this is a “forever” decision — whether we are simply ending our association with Paula. We don’t think that’s how relationships work. People deserve second chances. And we always strive to do the right thing.

Essentially this appears to mean that QVC has fired Deen, but reserves the right to rehire her when the heat dies down . . . I think.

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