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Regis on 'Today:' Cranky, fun, unadulterated Reege

REGIS PHILBIN He went gently, and without tears,


He went gently, and without tears, into that good night -- even though he insists this exit was not retirement, so, technically, not a good night. But still, a memorable, funny, warm departure.

(Credit: AP)

Clever open to today's Regis Philbin appearance on “Today:” The walk-in, just like the good old days! Here you'll see Regis talk about mornings, Matt, riding bikes, someone named “Coda, or Mota or whatever,”  Kathie Lee's prayer habits . . . take a look.

Plus, if you're checking this out around 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, the King is co-hosting “Today's” fourth hour.

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