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Ryan Seacrest expresses interest in 'Today' hosting job

Ryan Seacrest attends "The Million Second Quiz" Cocktail

Ryan Seacrest attends "The Million Second Quiz" Cocktail Reception in New York City. (Aug. 28, 2013) (Credit: Getty Images)

Just when you thought -- assuming for some reason you were thinking about this -- Ryan Seacrest was no longer part of the who-will-replace-Matt-Lauer-someday sweepstakes, he pulls himself right back into the discussion: On yesterday's "Reliable Resources,"  he expressed interest in taking on the role. 

And he was serious. 

"I like live broadcasting," he told Brian Stelter, new host of the new, improved, refurbished "RS, "and I think that, you know, morning shows have evolved. There's been a paradigm shift in the style of those shows... the style of show that I watched when I was a kid and you watched when you were a kid is a little bit different than it is now. So, yes, I'm hoping to ... I truly thrive off of being on air or on stage in a live environment."

For context, Stelter first asked him if the role was even a "possibility" -- raised over a year ago when he was named a contributor to "Today" as part of a broad-based deal with NBC that also will also tie him tot he Olympics in a commentary/ capacity: "I hope everything is a possibility. You know, I like to leave every door open. If it is open, I think that's up to them to decide."

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