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'Saturday Night Live' exodus? Wiig?! Sudeikis?! Samberg?! (Well...)

Comedian Kristen Wiig attends the First Annual Comedy

Comedian Kristen Wiig attends the First Annual Comedy Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. (March 26, 2011) (Credit: Getty Images)

Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg - leaving "Saturday Night Live" in some sort of mass exodus that would certainly hurt the classic but might be (as the saying goes) a good career move for all three? An Us Magazine report this afternoon said the departures are a done deal by the end of this season.

 But...Nicole Caruso, a spokeswoman for both Wiig and Sudeikis says the story is baseless, or in her words: "There is no truth to the Us Weekly story. " 

 Meanwhile, NBC is denying too...

 So, you reasonably ask, why  even bother with this post? Because Us (believe it or not) can be  a reasonably reliable source on certain matters, and if this were even remotely true - heaven forbid - then it would be  the biggest single dash for the exit since 2006, when Tina Fey, Chris Parnell, Rachel Dratch, Horatio Sanz and Finesse Mitchell left. The difference here: Each of these three is a major cast member. There's certainly been an expectation that Wiig - one of the great talents in "SNL" history - would move on, while Sudeikis and Samberg also have active movie careers, which is usually a pretty good indication that the end of the "SNL" tenure is near. So...

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