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Savannah Guthrie announces she is married and pregnant on 'Today'

Savannah Guthrie shows off her engagement ring on

Savannah Guthrie shows off her engagement ring on the "Today' show on May 13, 2013. (Credit: Matt Lauer via Twitter)

Congratulations are certainly in order -- double congratulations, in fact. "Today" co-anchor Savannah Guthrie announced at the top of this morning's edition of "Today" that she married longtime boyfriend, Mark Feldman, in her hometown of Tuscon over the weekend.

Then . . . beat, beat . . . this announcement: That she's also four months pregnant, and the couple are expecting their first child later this summer.

Big news indeed for both Guthrie and "Today," and interesting as well. Guthrie and the show in fact took about 20 minutes before announcing the pregnancy, probably an indication among all hands on deck that this was at the very least a bit awkward.

"Today" has for decades carefully stage-managed the family planning affairs of anchors, particularly women ones: The pregnancies of Jane Pauley and Katie Couric were big news, at least in the pages of places like People. "Today" wrote the book, so to speak, on linking both the sense of family off the air, and family on the air.

Guthrie, who has been engaged since May, has rewritten the ol' manual, however. By announcing both pregnancy and marriage -- though not in that order -- she and the show avoid a potentially awkward and distracting discussion, just as "Today" appears in the early stages of a long-awaited turnaround: When is, umm, Savannah getting married? Call it the "Murphy Brown" question, if you care to call it anything. Certainly times have changed and many if not most "Today" viewers could care less what Guthrie does with her private life. But . . . because the morning shows insist that you care to some degree -- hey, it's family! -- many more conservative viewers would have taken considerable umbrage to an unwed mother story line.

No, it's not 1992, and no, Dan Quayle isn't running as vice president again on the Bush 1 ticket. Still, some things never change. This happens to be one of those things.

And with that . . . congrats to both Guthrie and Feldman.  

Meanwhile, check out both big announcements.

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