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Season finale: 'Touch' wraps with 'Gyre'

Actor Kiefer Sutherland speaks to costar David Mazouz

Actor Kiefer Sutherland speaks to costar David Mazouz in “Touch,” which debuted with a special preview Jan. 25, 2012 and makes its series premiere on March 19 on Fox. (Credit: FOX)

And now, or in a few hours, the broadcast season comes to an end, and — appropriately enough, with "Touch," Kiefer Sutherland's new drama that began with a massive burst of promise, collected fans along the way, and now has next season to fully deliver on that promise. Maybe tonight some of that promise will be delivered as well. (No review made available.) Fox has posted five solid previews of tonight's two-hour wrap, beginning at 8, below.

Show creator Tim Kring also has some interesting things to say to Zap2it. Here they are: "When you see the season finale, we point in a very very big direction as to where we are going. The last few minutes of the season finale are really setting up a brand new world for us for the second season. As clean a slate as I could ever imagine for a show going from one season to the other, we pull off in the season finale."

In a recent episode, Martin (Sutherland) accepts that Jake (Mazouz) will never speak. We asked if he thought that would ever change. It turns out it might. Kring said: "We're sort of leaving that question hopefully unanswered for a while. But we certainly point to an interesting new idea when we introduce this new character Amelia. We point to the fact that she speaks when she never used to speak before. So people will likely wonder whether Jake will get there, too, someday as well."

Pictured above: Actor Kiefer Sutherland speaks to costar David Mazouz in the Fox television program “Touch.”

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