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Seth Meyers says goodbye to 'Weekend Update' and 'Saturday Night Live'

Seth Meyers at an NBCUniversal event Jan. 19,

Seth Meyers at an NBCUniversal event Jan. 19, 2014 in Pasadena, Calif. (Credit: AP)

Seth Meyers ended a 12-year career on "Saturday Night Live" last night that never yielded a single character but -- instead -- some of the best years of the show's life, and an outstanding run as "Weekend Update" anchor.

(As head writer, Meyers is something of a human iceberg -- most of his work has lain hidden under the surface, where so much of the show's creative resurgence of the '00s took place.

 He will be missed, and he was a huge part of this classic's history. Now he's moving on to "Late Night," where he will start shortly.

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Here's the farewell from last night, and -- of course -- when one does one's leave-taking from "SNL" one is fully expected to be confronted by people from one's past, and his final "Weekend Update" did not disappoint.

And this obvious note: Meyer's departure is the first domino in a series to fall in NBC's late night overhaul, which will see the departure of Jay Leno next Thursday and the arrival of Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 17 to "The Tonight Show."

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