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Sue Simmons' cameo on 'Law & Order: SVU'

Sue Simmons

Sue Simmons (Credit: Getty Images)

If Al Gore can be an anchor, why can't Sue Simmons be an actress? No reason at all, and in fact she'll reprise Sue Simmons (if that's possible) on this season's "Law & Order: SVU," NBC has confirmed, while adding that she'll return to the "L&O" set Monday for an additional shoot. . 

Yes, she'll play a newscaster named Sue Simmons; no further details though the New York Post - which first reported this - said she's covering a scandal that concerns the NYPD and DA (the continuation of last season's cliffhanger...)

Simmons has played Simmons (or a news reporter/anchor) before, boasting a handful of acting credits in the mid-to-late-90s, including the '99 film "Light it Up" with Forest Whitaker and Venessa Williams, and "The First Wive's Club" from '96. 

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