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Super Bowl ads: Bud makes an early release

Budweiser, the King of the Super Bowl — in 23 games since 1986 (and a total expenditure of $239 million the last 10 years alone) — has released one of its Super Bowl ads for Sunday.

A surprise? Yes, a surprise, because Bud is one of those strict adherents to the rule that the ad served fresh is the ad that's most effective. But the beer maker is trying to widen its social media footprint — to use the buzzword du jour — and this is one way to do it. Meanwhile, it is trying to get fans to interact, by naming the foal, via this hashtag: #clydesdales.

Meanwhile, here's the ad — and it is brand new and out just minutes ago (By the way, Bud has a number of other in-game spots.).

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