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Super Bowl ads: Choose your Audi commercial now!

The Audi S4 competes with higher-performance versions of

The Audi S4 competes with higher-performance versions of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3-Series. (Credit: SHNS)

The increasing democratization of Super  Bowl advertising, or something like that,  has now arrived at the front door of Audi, which a few hours ago launched a novel plan to allow viewers, aka YOU!, to choose the ad they want to run in the Super Bowl. The voting opened last night, and go here to cast yours, if you are of a mind to do so. And maybe you're not of a mind -- hey, it's a free country -- but what's interesting is that this is part of a burgeoning trend that ropes viewers into the whole process of Supe Bowl advertising. If you read this blog yesterday, I posted a similar sort of thing about Coke.

With Audi, there are three separate executions of the commercial, with the overall title of "Worth It;" about a kid whose parents let him take a new Audi S6 to the prom. By the way, that's an S4 in the picture.

What's going on? My read: This is an advertisers way to both build social media love and preserve surprise. Surprise is the key word here because there's a valid debate going on in ad circles right now about whether to pre-release their Supe ads.

The Clint Eastwood Chrysler spot of a couple Bowls ago is Exhibit A in this debate: It was not pre-released but generated enormous attention and retention. How much retention? Everyone still vividly remembers it. So the thinking now is that if you can create a home run ad, why waste it before the game?

But there are many who think otherwise - simply because social media (Facebook) has become a core part of many marketing strategies, predicated (in part) on the belief that word-of-mouth, or friend-to-friend communications are more powerful than one big bang in the Super Bowl, plus these types of communications have a longer lasting halo effect, or so the thining seems to go. 

Back to Audi: Theoretically, it forges ties with its consumer base with this ad, and also -- so to speak -- puts them in the driver's seat. They will have a role in which ad airs.

Will this help sell cars? Beats me but it is funner than just sitting back and waiting for the Supe Bowl commercial to roll. But you still have to watch the game to see if your favorite version wins. hence surprise.

Check it out. I like the ad, by the way, and don't forget this is just one of three.

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