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The all-British 'Daily Show': 'Veep's' Armando Iannucci

John Oliver, a correspondent from "The Daily Show

John Oliver, a correspondent from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Oliver will temporarily replace host Jon Stewart on the popular spoof news show while Stewart directs and produces the film, "Rosewater." (Credit: AP)

John Oliver took over from Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" Monday while the latter moonlights in the Middle East (he's directing a movie), and the question of the moment is simply this: How's John doing?

Let's put it this way: Jon shouldn't be worried. It's been, from my sampling, a flawless transition, but especially important for this show, he's particularly solid on the interviews.

Curious. Asks good questions. Quick on the uptake. It's a skill you'd think would take some time to sort out or reach some sort of comfort level (what? a week?), even if he already has a show and much on-screen experience.

Here's a sampling from last night's all-Brit edition, with Armando Iannucci, "Veep's" creative force ("The Thick of it," and so on). Clearly both know each other and are wonkily pursuing a topic — politics — in which both are well-apprised, but still good and informative . . .

Numbers Monday were apparently decent — 1.5 million, or around same as the Stewart edition.

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