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'The Simpsons' marathon on FXX: But why?

Judd Apatow, Will Arnett and others guest on

Judd Apatow, Will Arnett and others guest on "The Simpsons" Sunday. (Credit: Fox)

But why a "Simpsons'"  marathon on FXX - the largest one of its kind and which will extend roughly 11,484 minutes, not including commercials, or roughly eight days (again, not including commercials)? 

 Because FXX can - that's why. It recently paid $750 million for syndication rights. Nothing like a marathon to help start earning some of that money back... 

In an unusual announcement today at FXX's upfront - timed clearly to draw attention to the new network and its new offerings - FXX air this twelve-day marathon in August. All 522 "Simpsons" episodes over twelve days which means four days of commercials...

Many of those commercials will be devoted to some new show teases, like "The Strain," from Carlton Cuse and Guillermo del Toro - based on the Chuck Hogan/Del Toro vampire novel of the same name. The show will air on FX....Or Howard Gordon's thriller, "Tyrant," also coming on FX; or "The Comedians," on FXX, with Josh Gad and Billy Crystal; or the new Tracy Morgan comedy, also on FXX...

The network also announced that an all-things-"Simpsons" app will be launched shortly...  

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