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'Today' shakeup: New bosses in place

Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer appear on NBC

Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer appear on NBC News' "Today" show. (Credit: NBC)

Final pieces of NBC's management overhaul at "Today" have finally fallen into place: Don Nash, an "NBC News" veteran with nearly a quarter century at the network, was named boss of the iconic show. He'll report to Alex Wallace who was earlier named executive In charge of "Today." 

Per "NBC News" chief, Steve Capus: "Don Nash deserves to be at the helm of ‘Today.’ He is a beloved member of the Today family who brings vision, commitment and a deep familiarity to all aspects of the broadcast. The formidable individual talents of Alex, Don and the ‘Today’ leadership are now combined and I’m confident our team is well positioned for success."

And positioned they had better be. "Today" isn't just the most important program at NBC but one of TV's most important, and it has slid below "Good Morning America" for what now appears to be a long ride in second place. This hasn't happened in 16 years, although — if you believe some nonsense reported in other newspapers — it would appear to be the fault of either Matt Lauer or the dumping of Ann Curry for Savannah Guthrie.

Earth to other newspapers: This decline began long before Ann was shown the door, and some might even argue she was one of the reasons for the decline, though hardly the only one. Fact is, "GMA" has done a very good job making that show not merely watchable but even enjoyable. The cast is good, Robin's terrific, George Stephanopoulos has turned into a first rate co-host (who woulda thought!). But it's also gotten very tabloidy — and viewers like their tabloids.

Nash? He absolutely is well-regarded, and someone who knows this show intimately, and knows where the bodies are buried too. He's almost certainly a popular choice, and someone who replaces Jim Bell, a superb producer who made "Today" better during his long tenure but — as pretty much the case with all "Today" producers over the last 60 years — but he couldn't keep it on top forever. He returns to run NBC's Olympics production team, from whence he came.

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