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'Vegas,' 'Animal Practice' most anticipated new shows: Survey


Quaid has already played a pitcher in The Rookie, a biopic of Jim Morris’ tough road to the majors. He also has the weathered, seen-it-all look of an older hurler. The normally clean-shaven Quaid will have to forget his razor for this role, though.
(Credit: AP)

Well you just never know! A survey conducted by Yahoo TV and Entertainment Weekly has determined that CBS newcomer "Vegas" is by far the most anticipated new show of the fall season. "Beauty and the Beast" and "Animal Practice" pull up into second and third place. 

 For the record: I like "Vegas" but most anticipated...?

 My hunch? Yahoo talked to older viewers who like the '50s-60s vibe and of course Dennis Quaid.

 Or maybe they think Prince Harry has a starring role.

 Whatever...bodes well for "Vegas" in any event  And honestly, you almost wonder about this survey - "Animal Practice?!"  Well, Crystal the monkey is good, and she may get an Emmy so maybe that does make sense after all (way to go respondents to Yahoo/EW survey!)...

 Here's the list:

Most Anticipated New Programming ·

Vegas 26% ·

Beauty and the Beast 20% ·

Animal Practice 15% ·

The Mob Doctor 15% ·

Guys With Kids 15% ·

Revolution 14% ·

666 Park Avenue 12% ·

Elementary 11% ·

Nashville 10% ·

The Neighbors 9%

Returning Programs Most Viewers Are Looking Forward To ·

The Big Bang Theory 30% ·

NCIS 28% ·

Two and a Half Men 22% ·

Bones 21% ·

How I Met Your Mother 19% ·

Modern Family 17% ·

The Mentalist 17% ·

Dancing with the Stars 16% ·

Grey’s Anatomy 14% ·

Hawaii Five-O 14%

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