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Will Michael Scott return to 'The Office' finale?

Will Steve Carell return to the "The Office"

Will Steve Carell return to the "The Office" for the show's series finale? Maybe. (Credit: NBC)

Well, I for one am weary of this little "The Office" finale game. Will Steve Carell or will he not return to the show he helped put on the map and in the process create one of the most indelible characters in sitcom history?

Show runner Greg Daniels said last week, or strongly indicated, "no," that was not going to happen because Carrel's presence would upstage everyone else's, and Carell felt strongly that the spotlight should be on the remaining cast-members. Fair enough. But how then to explain his presence at PNC field in Scranton this past weekend, when the city threw a wrap party for "The Office" cast?

I think we can put this now to rest once and for all: Carell, and Michael Scott, will indeed make a cameo of some sort on the May 16 series finale for the same reason he made a "cameo" in Scranton a couple of days ago. It has to happen in part because this isn't about "taking away the spotlight" but giving dedicated fans some closure in their treasured show. The fun of course will be in seeing how the needle is threaded — where Michael returns, but the rest of the cast is given full credit for keeping this all afloat the past two seasons. . .

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