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Wynonna Judd's run on 'Dancing with the Stars' mercifully ended

Wynonna Judd promotes her new book "Restless Heart"

Wynonna Judd promotes her new book "Restless Heart" at Borders Columbus Circle in Manhattan. (Jan. 25, 2011) (Credit: Getty Images)

Wynonna Judd, probably the single biggest name out of the not-really-any-big-names 16th edition of "Dancing with the Stars," got an early surprise exit Tuesday night. This proves:

a.) Voters are not voting this year, or at least not overriding their sense of aesthetics to keep a favored dancer in the hunt; 

b.) Wynonna a terrible dancer -  she's not alone in this crowd - and voters wanted to put her - and themselves - out of misery.

c.) No one's voting at all - leaving it entirely up to the judges - because "hey, what's the difference!"

d.) Andy Dick will end up winning this season after all, proving once and for all that the gods of dancing really do have a wicked and vindictive sense of humor. 

 But back to the "Why;" check out this clip. I'm thinking the answer lies behind door b.):

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