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Mayor Bloomberg on 'Late Show with David Letterman:' Video

Timing is everything (or a lot of everything) in show business, and credit David Letterman and crew for booking Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the very day his huge-container soda ban is overturned in court. The host and mayor talk about this (and you can almost see CBS's sales teams wince when Dave talks about the perfidy of major food manufacturers, many of whom advertise on CBS's air...) 

'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' arriving online April 29

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Thorsten Kaye, Susan Lucci and Walt

(Credit: ABC)

News about "One Life to Live" and "All My Children:" The web versions will begin April 29. This is a historic date, insofar as no TV show in history has yet to migrate to the Internet after meeting an untimely end on broadcast TV. A lot of industry eyes will be on this development. But for soap fans, it's just excellent news. Here's the release:

"Prospect Park’s The...

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'The View:' Elisabeth Hasselbeck is staying (or is she?)

Stories circulating this past week about Elisabeth Hasselbeck

(Credit: Getty Images, 2010)

She stays!

Or “maybe she stays.”

Or – “hey, nothing’s forever, including the cushiest gig on TV.”

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Take your choice, but “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck - twisting in the tabloid breeze over the weekend -clearly got what she wanted yesterday: A sign of support from the only one you need support from on “The View.”

Sort of.

"There's a particularly false story that keeps getting picked up that says we don't approve of her conservative views,” said Barbara Walters on the show yesterday. “The truth is, we love Elisabeth. But beyond that, we value and appreciate her point of view. She gives this show perspective and balance, and she's tougher than she looks. There are no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show."

Then she added this, "Having said that to all of you, Bill [Geddie] and I have always said that when one of you make the choice to leave, that’s your choice, and we will support your decision.”

Uh oh.

In the TV reporting trade, we call that “plausible deniability” when the firing officially does happen.

Will it? Who knows, but clearly something is amiss at TV’s favorite, now fading kaffeeklatsch., as Joy Behar leaves this summer, and those all-knowing “rumors” even hint at an eventual departure of Walters herself. In essence, "The View" has gotten older, tamer, duller, and more predictable. There is no longer an “x factor” here – that used to be, say, Rosie O’Donnell – or someone who with one ill-advised remark could turn this into a mudfight (invariably an interesting one.) Middle of the road and oh-so-polite/nice to the celebrity of the moment who waltzes through on the promotional circuit, “The View” has been missing something of late: Passion, unpredictability, newsworthiness...

Maybe the entire cast should be looking over their shoulder.

Valerie Harper on 'Today:' Upbeat

If you  missed, check out Valerie Harper's interview with Savannah Guthrie on 'The Today Show" this morning. She is in good spirits, in spite of...


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The end of J.R.Ewing, one of TV's great characters

Larry Hagman reprised his role as J.R. Ewing,

(Credit: TNT)

J.R. Ewing is finally laid to rest tonight, ending a "Dallas" run that began over 30 years ago and -- in the bargain -- launching one of the three or four greatest characters in TV history. This is an emotional moment, so this morning, some emotion.

Why did we love J.R. Ewing so much and for so long? I think I have the easy and possibly even accurate answer -- because we loved the...

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HBO offers up 'Game of Thrones' season two recap special

Now this, for every fan anxiously awaiting the arrival either the best show on TV or the second best show on TV - depending on how you feel about "Breaking Bad" - here's a generous overview of the past season of "Game of Thrones," back on the air by month's end. A lot of information here that you  may already know but have forgotten....

'The View:' What say you, Barbara?

Barbara Walters presents an award at the 39th

(Credit: AP)

Expect intriguing developments on 'The View' Monday morning, or at least a broader discussion of the fates some key cast members, including, most importantly, Barbara Walters.

Joy Behar is, of course, expected to address her departure; Babs may or may not confirm what every blog seems to have decided -- that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is out too by season's end, which, if so, will make the show...

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Justin Timberlake on 'Saturday Night Live:' Grade A

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z perform their new single,

(Credit: Getty Images)

So very easy to see why Justin Timberlake is a member of "SNL's" five-timer club - yes, there is such a club, and Bill Murray is a member too (and too bad he wasn't there last night)  - and why he'll spend all of next week on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:" He is probably, pound for pound, inch for inch, one of the best if not the best guests on late-night TV. He gives so much, and so much that he gives is rewarding, that you almost forget he is promoting a new album. He just feels like he belongs in this medium, like a happy fish in very comfortable pond. Last night didn't just merely yield a memorable duo with Jay Z - :"Suit & Tie" - but a classic cold open, and two other opening sketches that were very good. A three-fer to start "SNL?" That just doesn't happen as a matter of course. Obviously "SNL" writers and producers didn't skimp for Justin and never do - lots of star supporting power, a reunion with Andy Samberg, and on and on for what was probably the  "SNL" standout episode of the entire season. Let's check out a couple of greatest hits from last night and feel free to disagree (if you haven't seen already) but I don't think you will...Alec Baldwin has hosted 16 times, the record. Timberlake should get close to that record at this rate. On to "Fallon!:" 

ABC: Hasselbeck rumors are baloney

"The View's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck at the Scholastic Parent

(Credit: Getty Images)

And the rumor mill turns and turns -- a couple of websites are reporting that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also leaving "The View," but ABC has now released this statement:  

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of “The View” and has a long term contract.

That's what you call a "denial" in the press trade.

What's going on at "The View"? Not sure, but it doesn't appear to necessarily be numbers-related (Joy Behar as you know is leaving, but apparently of her own volition). The ratings also look pretty good from where I sit -- about an average 3.2 million viewers or a hair over was the most recent figure I saw. In other words, Joy's departure may simply be what it appears -- someone wanting to move on because she's bored and has the money to support whatever she wants to do next (or she's getting a job at CNN; take your pick). Sometimes -- admittedly rarely in the TV trade -- a cigar is just a cigar. 

Preview: NBC's 'Grimm' returns Friday

Claire Coffee as Schlauraffen in NBC's "Grimm," returning

(Credit: NBC)

"Grimm," arguably the most successful drama on NBC (after "Revolution," and maybe "SVU"...and...), is back tonight, and this is good news indeed. Here's a fresh clip of the cast: 

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