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'Mad Men' Season 6 premiere review: Tantalizing

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in "Mad Men" Season

(Credit: AMC)

"Mad Men" returns Sunday and of course the world awaits anxiously. Can it recapture that cultural buzz it once had in abundance? Will it still be great? Will we still care about Don and Peggy and Roger and...

Questions answered -- sort of. Meanwhile, a Sunday Fanfare feature on Jon Hamm in which said star explains the meaning of life and where to find a good burger (mmm, burger.)...

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Did 'The Daily Show' just whack CNN's new 10 p.m. show?

Well, what now "(Get to) the Point"? That's CNN's new 10 p.m. show that just wrapped a week of tryouts Thursday night, and the reason I ask is that I'm hearing the show won't return next week, at least not at 10. Would that be in response to the body slam it took Thursday night on "The Daily Show"? Hard to say, but my own brief sampling suggests that a.) It's not nearly as bad...

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'60 Minutes' talks to Newtown parents

Families of the Newtown shooting victims are calling

"60 Minutes" and Scott Pelley sat down with some family members who lost children or spouses in the Sandy Hook massacre for this Sunday's broadcast. Here's an outtake and -- fair warning -- it's not easy to watch: 

A TV critic's review of a TV movie critic: Roger Ebert

Movie critics Roger Ebert, right, and Gene Siskel.

(Credit: AP)

Everyone at the moment seems to have a Roger Ebert story, or memory or anecdote, and I suppose mine falls under the heading of "memorable and fleeting first impression."

I first encountered him and his redoubtable co-conspirator, Gene Siskel, at something called "NAPTE," which stands for "National Association of Television Program Television Executives," at the...

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'Arrested Development' gets Netflix premiere date

A mid-'00s classic comedy from Mitchell Hurwitz, "Arrested

(Credit: Fox)

"Arrested Development," the Netflix revival, has a date with destiny: May 26. Netflix announced Thursday that all 15 new episodes will be available to stream on that date, just after midnight. (The website's strategy is to give out original series -- full seasons of them -- instantly; Works for binge viewing, which apparently -- if you believe the anecdotal evidence -- is growing in popularity.)

'Girls' character Charlie, Christopher Abbott, leaves show

Allison Williams and Chris Abbott in HBO's "Girls."

(Credit: HBO)

Christopher Abbott has checked out of "Girls" -- this time for good. "Page Six" reports he had "clashed" with star and creator, Lena Dunham, and HBO has subsequently confirmed the report.

Now, there's all kinds of crazy to this story, foremost, who clashes with Lena Dunham . . . Like her show or not, she's got a rep for being very nice — not at all, for example, like Justin Bieber. The Post indicated Abbott didn't like "the direction" has character Charlie was going.

Hello! This is the biggest crazy of them all. No male character on "Girls" ever goes in "a good direction." Haven't you been watching your own show, Chris? (Perhaps his fear is that Lena was going to make him to do what Adam Driver did in the next-to-last episode, and the less said about that the better.)

Charlie Dattolo was never even remotely likable anyway — a spoiled brat in capri jeans who treated Marnie (Allison Williams) like the proverbial doormat, and who had come into a dot-com fortune and acted like someone who had come into a dot-com fortune. He and Marnie had reconciled in the second season finale, but this reconciliation appeared doomed anyway — particularly after she was the one to profess her love, and he pathetically mumbled something about "waiting to hear you say that . . ."


Questions, answers about Leno, 'Tonight,' Fallon ...

Jimmy Fallon appears on "The Tonight Show with

(Credit: Getty Images)

As usual, you, dear reader, have come to the right blog for questions -- and answers -- about the huge late-night TV transition that took place Wednesday involving Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and the single most prestigious, famous, legendary, storied franchise on all of television: "The Tonight Show."

Let's get straight to them, shall we -- with an asterisk firmly attached: These are...

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Leno, Fallon weigh in on transition

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon traded last night  what you'd expect - jokes. Jay: Rumors already starting that Justin Bieber will replace Jimmy in five years... Jimmy? Well, in his monologue he barely touched on the transition...but the Roots played the old classic "Tonight Show" lead-in, and that's kind of all that was needed...In the host chat segment later Jimmy talked about how emotional this whole thing was, etc., and thanked Jay for being so gracious and...this: His move to "Tonight" (he said) will actually be February, not March of '14, as was indicated yesterday... 

Letterman on Jay Leno, Fallon succession at 'Tonight'

Selena Gomez and David Letterman discuss what they

(Credit: Worldwide Pants Inc.)

Of course, David Letterman had something to say about Jay Leno, "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon, Dave's mom, Univision... We'd be terribly disappointed if he didn't. In fact,  this is terrific: It's funny and shrewd at the same time, for as Dave points out so accurately, haven't they done this at NBC before? A preview: 

Will Brian Williams replace David Letterman?

NBC News anchor Brian Williams attends the premiere

(Credit: AP)

Will Brian Williams replace David Letterman as host of "Late Show with David Letterman?" After all, the "Tonight" gig is about to be taken by Jimmy Fallon, so his (Brian's) options are suddenly limited if he wants to branch out into late night. But really, who knows? Crazier things have happened... Check out this clip as evidence.


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