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'Hannibal' review: Worth all the blood?

Mads Mikkelson as Dr. Hannial Lecter in "Hannibal,"

(Credit: NBC)

"Hannibal" arrives on NBC Thursday night, and it's not too much of an overstatement to say that this is one of the most anticipated shows to arrive on NBC since "Smash." Expectations are high and so is the body count. But the key question - will this drag some viewer bodies to a time period that is effectively DOA on NBC? It may well do that, but... ah yes, there's always a "but"...

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Wynonna Judd's run on 'Dancing with the Stars' mercifully ended

Wynonna Judd promotes her new book "Restless Heart"

(Credit: Getty Images)

Wynonna Judd, probably the single biggest name out of the not-really-any-big-names 16th edition of "Dancing with the Stars," got an early surprise exit Tuesday night. This proves:

a.) Voters are not voting this year, or at least not overriding their sense of aesthetics to keep a favored dancer in the hunt; 

b.) Wynonna a terrible dancer -  she's not alone in this crowd - and voters wanted to put her - and themselves - out of misery.

c.) No one's voting at all - leaving it entirely up to the judges - because "hey, what's the difference!"

d.) Andy Dick will end up winning this season after all, proving once and for all that the gods of dancing really do have a wicked and vindictive sense of humor. 

 But back to the "Why;" check out this clip. I'm thinking the answer lies behind door b.):

Seth Meyers a lock for 'Late Night?'

Actor Seth Meyers attends the off-Broadway opening night

(Credit: Getty Images)

Seth Meyers has been the favored candidate to replace Jimmy Fallon when the latter heads to "Tonight" -- at least in the realm of speculation -- but has he suddenly been elevated to prohibitive favorite? The Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the Fallon-to-"Tonight" story in early March, says he has moved up from possible to "probable."  

 (Meanwhile, there also is word that NBC has finalized the deal with Fallon to take over "Tonight," as expected. Awaiting comment from NBC.)  

The challenge of Meyers' succession? Obvious: He's done a heck of a job as head writer and of course "Weekend Update" anchor for a show ("Saturday Night Live")  that's seeing a creative and ratings resurgence this year. How will Lorne Michaels replace him? Good luck with that.

 While Meyers could certainly do the gig, what I've never seen him do -- though I imagine he could (it's not rocket science, after all) -- is interview a celebrity with rapt attention night after night.  He was a succesfful stand-in on "Live with Kelly" for a long while, and has done plenty of mock interviews on "Update" -- but interviewing a star... who's promoting a movie... every night?... 

Sure! Piece of cake. The "Kelly" run was so long and so successful, at least in the eyes of ABC and "Live," that for a moment he was also considered the prohibitive favorite to take over the seat once occupied by Regis Philbin, which went to Michael Strahan instead.

Did Lorne say hold tight; the "Late Night" gig will be your's for the taking before long? . 

Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno duet: Funny? Sad? Stupid? Smart?

Presenters Jimmy Fallon, left, and Jay Leno in

(Credit: Getty Images)

OK, show of hands - funny, not funny?

Effective or a waste of time?


Hey wait a minute, this is my column, and I'm going with "funny," "effective," "smart."

That would be early Tuesday's morning Jay Leno/Jimmy Fallon duet on "Late Night" - an adroitly autotuned rendition of the Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim classic,...

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'Game of Thrones' wins a fourth season

A scene from the HBO series "Game of

(Credit: HBO)

"Game of Thrones" -- pound for pound, word for word, dragon for dragon probably the best show on TV right now -- just picked up a fourth season. No surprise, and fans would have stormed Kings Landing, er, HBO headquarters, if it had not been picked up for a fourth because the third will cover only half of "A Storm of Swords;" the fourth season is expected to wrap that book.


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Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno: The 'Tonight' duet

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno at the 70th

(Credit: Getty Images)

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon ... Just late night rivals ... or lovers? The intriguing possibility was raised Monday night in this duet, sung to "Tonight," at the beginning of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:"  (And yes, of course I reviewed this! Go here for that...)

"Why do they say we fight, I like you, you like me ... we're OK ... "

 Check it out -- it's good and this could the beginning of a beautiful new relationship ...

Did Andrea -- Laurie Holden -- really die on 'The Walking Dead?'

David Morrissey brings to life one of the

(Credit: AMC)

Let's begin a conspiracy theory, right here, right now: Did Andrea -- Laurie Holden -- really die on the season finale of "The Walking Dead" Sunday night?

Oh sure, probably . . . But consider the alternate conspiracy theory: She did not. Why? To the reasons!

1.) Obviously, you didn't see her die, did you? You heard a gunshot, then you saw Rick looking glum, then you assumed,...

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Jay Leno monologue: Peace with NBC 'never gonna happen'

Jay Leno, host of "The Tonight Show with

(Credit: AP)

Jay Leno, NBC, late night battle...coverage of all three in TV blogs like this one...Thank heavens for Jay because otherwise we'd be unemployed. Another dig at NBC in last night's monologue...of course harmless. 

Conan in Atlanta: Clip

Conan O'Brien, a late night talk show host, is in Atlanta - a large southern city in the state of Georgia - this evening. He is a  host,. He has a show. A clip, but first a few jokes  from his monologue (and he will be in Atlanta - a very nice city by the way - all week, and he's funny too):

It’s an honor to be here. Let me tell you how I came to be with you tonight. My bosses at...

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'Tonight Show' wars: Will Jay talk to Jimmy? Jimmy to Jay?

Ah yes, the Late Night Wars: A major conflagration ongoing at the moment, and the United Nations will address this shortly ... unless Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon take care of matters first. Watch, and learn (nothing; happy April Fool's Day):


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