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Verne Gay

Here's, briefly, who I am: I've been with Newsday since 1989, and have written about virtually every show, personality, development, controversy, and network over those years. Most of this has been sheer joy. Some of it has been sheer torture. And all of it, for better or worse, adds up to one thing: I know a lot more about the wonderful business of television entertainment than even I care to admit.

Eli Wallach, a TV interview

Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson lend their names

(Credit: Handout)

The great method actor Eli Wallach died yesterday at the age of 98. His was a career that spanned stage, screen and TV - although mostly the first two. His TV roles began in the early '50s, but he had the good sense perhaps of staying away from establishing himself in a regular role - say, in a western that would have kept him away from his first love and where he achieved his major suiccess, as...

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