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CBS News' Eric Shapiro retires: A video tribute

Scott Pelley, anchor of "CBS Evening News," announced

(Credit: MCT/Carolyn Cole)

Anyone who has spent the past 30 years watching the "CBS Evening News" -- as I have -- knows this name well: Eric Shapiro, one of TV news' legendary news directors. His name has appeared on the credits for as long as I can remember, gracing broadcasts with Dan Rather, Katie Couric and Scott Pelley. As director, he is the man -- the guy who figures out everything short of editorial content every night. He is the director of the "CBS Evening News," and -- after 51 years at the network -- he retired Friday night. Steve  Hartman -- who has a perfect touch in just about everything he writes and reports about -- had another perfect touch in this farewell piece to Shapiro (who seems pretty young after a 51-year career at CBS, perhaps because he began there as a toddler? Who knows. Maybe Hartman?): 


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