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Jim Parsons on 'The Daily Show' talks 'The Normal Heart'

Actor Jim Parsons arrives on the red carpet

(Credit: Getty Images / AFP)

"The Normal Heart" -- Larry Kramer's autobiographical play on the AIDS crisis from 1985 -- will arrive on HBO May 25, with Jim Parsons in the role of Tommy Boatwright (which he also played on Broadway). That means ... interviews!

On Thursday night he spoke to Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" about the play, the role, and what it all means now (though in truth he doesn't get too deeply into that aspect). It's an interesting interview, and all I'd strongly advise that as you watch this (and "The Normal Heart"), do not -- I repeat, do not -- think of Sheldon Cooper. Strip your mind of the iconic role, if possible.

"Heart," directed by Ryan Murphy, has a reasonably remarkable cast: Besides Parsons, Matt Bomer plays Felx Turner, while Alfred Molina and Mark Ruffalo play the Weeks' brothers, Ben and Ned, respectively. (Julia Roberts, Taylor Kitsch and Jonathan Groff also star.) 

There's no way around it: This will be a big Emmy winner for HBO, and -- I suspect -- for Parsons.




'The Daily Show:' #McConnelling

Jon Stewart, seen in an undated photo, had

(Credit: AP)

We like a good social-media-twitter-hashtag-viral-mashup-video-Mitch-McConnell-campaign-ad prank as much as the next guy, so imagine our joy and wonderment when Thursday night's "The Daily Show" should offer exactly that:  #McConnelling. 

 And what is #McConnelling? Glad you asked, and so is Jon Stewart who is about to take a week off and in the interim would like you to think about songs (preferably with lyrics referring to eyes) that can be tracked to a recent Mitch McConnell campaign ad. 

 He'll select the best at some point -- much sooner  than later, hopefully.  And yes, it's gone viral. Check out Thursday night's story about how this all came about -- and wonder whether the McConnell campaign team is suddenly a little bit nervous about what it, or rather Jon Stewart, hath wrought. Or whether it's thrilled with all the free media.

Really, this could cut either way...


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