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'Game of Thrones' fourth season finale, 'The Children,' recap: Valar morghulis

Charles Dance in season 4 of "Game of

(Credit: HBO / Macall B. Polay)

With the rip-roaring fourth season of "Game of Thrones" now history, best to begin at the end of last night's finale, "The Children":

"Valar morghulis," Arya says to the initially reluctant captain, and with this High Valeryian phrase secures passage to Braavos - the "free city" on the edge of Essos, the vast unknown land across the seas where Arya's story moves next season.

He responds:...

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'Game of Thrones': 'The Mountain and the Viper' recap -- Who exactly is Orson Lannister?

Actor Peter Dinklage stars in "The Game of

(Credit: AP)

Say, what are we all to make of cousin Orson Lannister, lord of the beetles, distant relative to Tyrion Lannister, dispatched by a mule? "Game of Thrones" fans know of whom I speak: He was subject of a three-minute long monologue in Sunday night's eighth episode, "The Mountain and the Viper," and millions of viewers have been puzzling over him ever since.

Or at least one viewer has.


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