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Robin Williams TV appreciation, from 'Mork & Mindy' to 'The Crazy Ones'

Actor Robin Williams on the set of "Mork

(Credit: AP / ABC)

Mork materialized after "Happy Days" had literally jumped the shark -- or the Fonz had at least -- when the idea of an alien life form kidnapping Richie Cunningham, even in a dream, became just another way to keep an ABC franchise either fresh or alive.

Mork -- or Robin Williams -- was instantly popular, and of course it occurred to ABC that it could go either one of two ways here: Add a real...

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'The Crazy Ones' axed; 'The Mentalist' returns

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in a

(Credit: AP / CBS / Richard Cartwright)

Robin Williams' return to network TV was for but one season, as it turned out. "The Crazy Ones" is done. CBS announced a handful of cancellations earlier today, but this is The One -- the one that's a big deal because of the cast (Sarah Michelle Gellar included) and because talents quite as giant as Robin Williams don't come around all that often ... but this clearly didn't catch.

Meanwhile, "The Mentalist" will be back next season. CBS announced the renewal of virtually its entire schedule recently, but this was noticeably -- ominously -- not included, which clearly meant one thing: There was a tough negotiation underway. And now, resolved. 

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