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Will Dave Chappelle return to TV?

Dave Chappelle dropped by the ?Late Show? on

"Why did Dave Chappelle leave?"

Aren't you sick of that question, too? (Chappelle is, I would imagine.) It's one of those evergreen queries permanently embedded in the Internet hivemind -- and if you don't believe me, type in "why did Dave ..." and let Google complete the question for you.

It's obnoxious, tiresome, a reflection on our world's fixation on the trivial and the over-and-done-with....

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Billy Joel duets with Jimmy Fallon, talks new Sirius radio channel on 'Tonight Show'

Billy Joel joins Jimmy Fallon during a taping

(Credit: Getty Images / Theo Wargo/NBC)

Billy Joel -- a very famous New Yorker, after all -- arrived at the new New York-based "Tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon" to effectively consecrate Fallon's Gothamized version Thursday night, and did so by breaking a little news, about a forthcoming Sirius channel -- and by singing a duet of that old Solomon Linda chestnut, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," with the host.

Of the Billy Joel Channel, he admitted he didn't entirely know what he was going to do with it, but that's OK -- it's his channel to do whatever he darn well likes.

Plus, some talk about WLNG -- a Sag Harbor station you likely know well -- and the fact that the stage of MSG is built on springs.

All interesting. Here are the clips.

(App readers, watch them here:

Was that product placement on Monday's 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon?' (No.)

Host Jimmy Fallon is seated at his desk

(Credit: AP / NBC, Lloyd Bishop)

"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"  had  a particularly clever pre-taped sketch on last night's edition -- what the Beatles would have done had they been inflected with all the ephemera that goes with today's marketing-saturated world.  (Or simply titled, "The  Beatles Were Way Ahead of Their Time.") 

But was it also a bit nefarious -- a commercial for no fewer than THREE PRODUCTS? (Red Bull, Instagram and another household name, which escapes me for the moment?) Or to rephrase: Was it on one hand a sendup of marketing overkill; on the other hand,  part of the marketing overkill by selling the stuff it mentions, like Red Bull?

  I am This was not a paid integration, per NBC. . 

So score one for Jimmy. Product integration is out there and it's sneaky - but you don't really want it on shows like "Tonight."  Simple as that. 

 It was a very good bit - take a look if you missed.

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