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'True Blood' final season trailer...the first

Sunday night's muted farewell of "True Blood" was

(Credit: YouTube / trueblood )

The last season of "True Blood" begins June 22, which should give us just enough time to digest -- bad choice of word, but for now will do -- all the juicy (another wrong word) trailers that HBO will be feeding (how many wrong words can I stuff in a "True Blood" post?) fans between now and then. This one bites off a lot without sucking any vitality out of what to expect.

Oh dear.

Just take a look; this one arrived Friday:


'Game of Thrones:' The four trailers

A scene from HBO's "Game of Thrones."

(Credit: HBO)

HBO has released a new season four trailer for "Game of Thrones," arriving April 6, which means...we have four trailers! Not to restate the obvious, but this is a full generous look at the much-anticipated new season, and therefore an opportunity to explore. Here are the four, in order, beginning with the first, and newest last. See if you can glean the fates and fortunes of our heroes and anti-heroes; and dragons too: 


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