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Ex-Jets quarterback Tim Tebow joins 'GMA'

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow will begin his

(Credit: AP / Chuck Burton)

Tim Tebow, who was a New York Jet for a New York minute, is joining "Good Morning America," the show announced Thursday.

Tebow, already an analyst on ESPN, will "help launch GMA's 'Motivate Me Monday' series, featuring individuals and their amazing stories of triumph. Tebow will appear in studio and live on location in towns across America with a wide-range of reports that motivate and inspire." 

'GMA's' Robin Roberts launches production company

Robin Roberts attends CoachArt's 9th Annual Gala Of

(Credit: Getty Images)

In the spirit of ... well, in the spirit of Al Roker, who immediately comes to mind ... Robin Roberts announced on "GMA" a little while ago that she too will take the plunge into the independent production world, as a producer — even noting that she will create a reality pilot with her fashion stylist, Diandre. 

(Finding out which shows — other than "In the Game with Robin Roberts," which...

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Joan Lunden, breast cancer diagnosis

Journalist Joan Lunden attends the Woman's Day 8th

(Credit: Getty Images)

Joan Lunden, former co-host of "Good Morning America," announced on the program Tuesday morning that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and has begun her treatment. See the clip below. A few quick Lunden facts: She was co-anchor from 1980 to '97; is mother to five, including three daughters from her first marriage; has authored eight books; and is a well-known and widely traveled health advocate...

 Here's what she wrote on her blog... 

I have already begun my chemotherapy and I am blessed to have my husband Jeff and my three older daughters with me every step of the way. I am so thankful to have the support, wisdom, and guidance from all my doctors and the loving support of my family and my friends. I know I have a challenge ahead of me in this journey, however I have chosen to take it as an opportunity to fulfill my father’s legacy and try to inspire others to protect their health.
ABC US News | ABC Sports News

Matt Lauer signs two-year deal to stay at 'Today'; 10 reasons why Matt is staying

NBC "Today" host Matt Lauer at the East

(Credit: Randee Daddona)

Matt Lauer has quietly signed a new deal with NBC to keep him at "The Today Show" for two more years.

Maybe not so quietly: NBC gave the story to The New York Times yesterday, with quotes and terms included. To condense all those, quickly for you: He's the best in the business and he loves what he does, and this is for two more years, and no, we're not saying how much this is costing...

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Josh Elliott uninvited to his own on-air 'Good Morning America' farewell

Josh Elliott, former co-host of ABC's "Good Morning

(Credit: ABC)

For evidence that there may be some lingering bitterness at ABC in the wake of Josh Elliott's departure from "Good Morning America" for NBC Sports, look no further than Thursday's edition of "Good Morning America" where the network bid goodbye to its former star -- without the former star being there.

I'm hearing he was never even invited -- an indication ABC is probably angered at the way this whole thing has shaken out. In a conference call with sports media reporters Wednesday, Elliott said his move was a.) Not about the money nor b.) Had nothing with his relationship with ABC News chief, Ben Sherwood, whom he "loved" and so forth.

However . . . ABC, which offered him a reported $3-5 million to stay (versus the $2-3 million reported deal at NBC), may be feeling burned for a host of reasons. Foremost, even if Elliott never even sets foot inside Studio 1A -- as the potential successor to Matt Lauer, as industry chatter would have it -- he's suddenly put "GMA" in an awkward position. ABC was forced to scramble for a male replacement, surprising everyone, including the likely replacement himself, Michael Strahan. (Amy Robach will be the new news anchor; Strahan's role remains undefined at this point.)

Plus, as I've noted before, this confuses succession plans at ABC. George Stephanopoulos isn't going to be there forever -- hey, no one is going to be anywhere forever, except maybe Robin Roberts who now has a long-term deal and is absolutely vital to the ongoing success of this franchise. It had to have occurred to someone that Elliott might be a reasonable candidate for the job one of these days . . . Remember that in morning TV, successions don't happen over night, but usually take years.

More industry gossip: That Elliott hated the early, early mornings, and the hours, so maybe he had other ideas.

ABC declined to comment for this post, and Elliott could not be reached for comment.





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