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Short-form Beyoncé series to launch on HBO

Singer Beyonce performs on her "Mrs. Carter Show

(Credit: AP)

Beyoncé -- who has a relationship with HBO going back to at least last year's much viewed "Life Is But a Dream" special -- will return to the network in a 10-part mini program series that draws from her performances in "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour."

How short? Four minutes... and here's the interesting part: Each of these mini-performance episodes will lead into "True Blood" beginning June 29. Each will start at 8:55 p.m.

Ask yourself the obvious question -- what Beyoncé or the tour have to do with "True Blood" -- and you will be forced to come up with the obvious answer: Nothing! But at least they'll benefit from the huge audience that will arrive each Sunday for the final season wrap of "True Blood."

The "Carter" tour, which ended in March, comprised 132 concerts in 27 countries. It was of course a huge event, and now, HBO/ "True Blood" fans will get a sanctioned (as opposed to a pirated YouTube) look at the highlights.  


'True Blood' final season trailer...the first

Get ready. The final season of "True Blood"

(Credit: YouTube / trueblood )

The last season of "True Blood" begins June 22, which should give us just enough time to digest -- bad choice of word, but for now will do -- all the juicy (another wrong word) trailers that HBO will be feeding (how many wrong words can I stuff in a "True Blood" post?) fans between now and then. This one bites off a lot without sucking any vitality out of what to expect.

Oh dear.

Just take a look; this one arrived Friday:


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