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John Oliver: How he bombed (not) on 'The Daily Show'

John Oliver, a correspondent from "The Daily Show

John Oliver, a correspondent from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Oliver will temporarily replace host Jon Stewart on the popular spoof news show while Stewart directs and produces the film, "Rosewater." (Credit: AP)

John Oliver moves aside next week as "The Daily Show" to make room for the real faux host, Jon Stewart, back from directing his movie.  But how did John do? Comedy Central offers this clip overview of highlights, and I offer this clip from that "Late Night" web feature, "Worst I Ever Bombed:"  (Oh, my assessment of Oliver's run?  He had a hell of a summer, and would be shocked if this doesn't lead to his own talk show, which I suspect was part of the plan all along. If CC doesn't make him an offer he can't refuse, there are other fish in the TV sea...)

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