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'The Daily Show:' #McConnelling

Jon Stewart, seen in an undated photo, had

(Credit: AP)

We like a good social-media-twitter-hashtag-viral-mashup-video-Mitch-McConnell-campaign-ad prank as much as the next guy, so imagine our joy and wonderment when Thursday night's "The Daily Show" should offer exactly that:  #McConnelling. 

 And what is #McConnelling? Glad you asked, and so is Jon Stewart who is about to take a week off and in the interim would like you to think about songs (preferably with lyrics referring to eyes) that can be tracked to a recent Mitch McConnell campaign ad. 

 He'll select the best at some point -- much sooner  than later, hopefully.  And yes, it's gone viral. Check out Thursday night's story about how this all came about -- and wonder whether the McConnell campaign team is suddenly a little bit nervous about what it, or rather Jon Stewart, hath wrought. Or whether it's thrilled with all the free media.

Really, this could cut either way...


Michio Kaku, Jon Stewart on the future of the mind

It's not all that often that I post individual interviews, but because I'm a fan of Jon Stewart and of Michio Kaku - the brilliant thinker long associated with CUNY Graudate school - I'll make an exception. This was on last night...really interesting...

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Philip Seymour Hoffman: The interviews

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman poses with the best

(Credit: AP)

As Philip Seymour Hoffman fans and lovers of cinema continue to grapple with the actor's tragic death yesterday, I figured it would be valuable to look at a few of his TV interviews over the last few years. Not that these will help with "understanding" -- impossible -- but they at least will let you watch him explain his craft, and how it related to his life. 

Hoffman was not a regular...

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Can Jon Stewart get Sean Hannity to rethink his threat to leave New York?

Sean Hannity, co-host of "Hannity & Colmes," poses

(Credit: Jori Klein)

As Sean Hannity fans know, he's been on a crusade to ... leave New York, or specifically, Long Island (he's a true-blue Islander). Angered by some clumsily worded observation by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recently, Hannity has been musing about the possibility of relocating to Florida or Texas, though it's unclear how he'd continue to produce and host the show from either state (but hey -- it is called satellite hookup).

On Monday night -- in what has to be the most extended expression of sarcasm in the English language since Jonathan Swift wrote "A Modest Proposal" -- Jon Stewart offered a modest proposal of his own, with a little help from the cast of "Jersey Boys": Please stay, Mister Hannity. Please stay.


Jon Stewart on N.J.'s 'Bridgegate:' Clip

Jon Stewart, seen in an undated photo, had

(Credit: AP)

Whatever you are doing, please stop. Watch last night's Jon Stewart "Bridgegate" segment at the top of "The Daily Show, " "Email Chains, Lanes and Automobiles."  This is, as per usual with "TDS," one of the most precise (not to mention funny) summations of the now infamous September traffic jam at the GWB caused by the aides of one governor who happened to be leading the polls anyway, but . . . well, let Stewart tell you about it.

I've posted two clips here, by the way, because the best part of this is the second one by "TDS's" New Jersey correspondent. Did you know that "TDS" has a Jersey correspondent? I didn't either. The guy's good, however.



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