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Michael Strahan to join 'Good Morning America,' remain on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Michael Strahan, co-host of "Live with Kelly and

(Credit: AP / Evan Agostini)

Michael Strahan -- forever and affectionately No. 92 -- is about to get a closer close-up: He's joining "Good Morning America." 

Meanwhile, Strahan just indicated on the air that the "GMA" move will happen but not as an "every day thing...Gotta be smart about it." He also said "Live" remains "my home...This is great. I'm not sore after the show. We'll see what happens but this is my number one priority."

Trade reports Tuesday said Strahan is a "done" deal -- which I have confirmed -- and that he will be joining the "family" later this week. ABC has declined comment (officially) and is doubtless trying to cobble together answers to all the questions:

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How will he do this as well as "Live with Kelly and Michael," which he will remain a part of and which is live at exactly 9 a.m., or about one second after "GMA" wraps?

What happens when the NFL season rolls around again, and his services are required at Fox as an analyst? 

Is this one of those reflexive moves designed to quell any annoying questions about the loss of Josh Elliott and how the "family" of "GMA" is really not a " family" but just a group of squabbling rich people who want to get richer now that "GMA" is No. 1? 

You know: Those kinds of questions. 

Fact is, Strahan has been a success at "Live," and ABC is scrambling to do whatever it can to blunt NBC's Steinbrenner moves -- paying fortunes to people in an attempt to dismember the winning team. Meanwhile, the president of ABC News, Ben Sherwood, is about to become the president of the entire Disney empire; he does not want to leave a shattered "GMA" as his legacy. (And by the way, "shatter" is a highly unlikely scenario certainly in the foreseeable future: "GMA" remains a strong number one...)  

And that is how TV works, my friends ...

Ray Kelly joins ABC News as consultant

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly addresses a news

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

So there is life after One Police Plaza and it's uptown, at ABC News: The network has announced that former NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has joined as a consultant. No specifics on exact start date or shows where he'll make appearances - but you can make the reasonable assumptions that he starts immediately and will appear across all ABC News platforms, including online. Besides his years...

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ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas talks about her alcoholism

ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas at the New

(Credit: AP)

Elizabeth Vargas spoke in a taped segment with George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday morning's "Good Morning America."  It's quite good and worth watching, although I'm sure a few viewers gulped hard, looked in the mirror and said to themselves afterward..."Um, what about me?"

 Vargas deserves a lot of credit for doing this -- it took guts, and is obviously an embarrassing subject. She gets remarkably confessional and even offers a general solution for those looking to break the habit. 

 What's missing are perhaps a few essential details: Exactly how much and how often. (She says on some occasion "up to four glasses" of wine.) Plus, did she actually become drunk, and what sort of behavioral changes ensued?  

 Also, most people can't afford rehab -- solutions for them? And this: The media is constantly telling viewers about the "health benefits" of wine --  the message, in other words, remains very much mixed. 

  Nevertheless, good for Vargas.


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