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Lohan booked on 'Tonight' next week

Lindsay Lohan at Sundance.

(Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

And speaking of one LIndsay Lohan - about to embark on an interesting new TV venture (see below) - she'll appear on "The Tonight Show Starring  Jimmy Fallon"next week - Thursday night, to be exact. And further speaking of interesting matters, snowboarder Shaun White's band, "Bad Things," appears the same night. Also next week - Tina Fey and Randy Newman (Monday); Chelsa Handler and Lea MIchele (Tuesday); Annette Benning, Norm Reedus (Wed.); and Stephen Colbert, Broken Bells (Friday.)   ; 

71st annual Golden Globes review: Why not drop TV?

Tina Fey, left, and Amy Poehler host the

(Credit: AP)

Why don't the Golden Globes just drop the TV category? Go ahead, Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- no one will notice. Oh, sure, there will be some stories by the usual newspapers and websites decrying the decision and then, 10 minutes later, everyone will forget about the whole thing. It'll blow over like nothing ever happened.

The point here is simply that TV doesn't matter to the Hollywood...

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