THE SHOW "The Gates"


A new chief of police arrives to watch over The Gates - an exclusive gated community outside Chicago - but it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to realize, as he promptly does, that the real danger may be inside the gates of the Gates and not outside. Take mysterious and beautiful newcomer Claire Radcliff (Mitra) - or better yet, don't. Claire quite literally drains a contractor and bottles his blood for future consumption. Her husband is unamused. Meanwhile, that new chief, Nick Monohan (Frank Grillo), may ultimately find vamps aren't the only challenge to policing the Gates - werewolves abound as well.

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MY SAY "True Blood" has pretty much ruined vampires for commercial TV. It proved how bestial, ravenous, hypersexual and depraved they are and - being on HBO - showed how bestial, ravenous, hypersexual and depraved they are. By contrast, ABC's vampires are toothless dust bunnies. Oh, sure, they can pierce necks and drink blood: Big deal! Any ol' vampire can do that. With a limited repertoire of vampire moves, the Radcliffs shoulda moved to Bon Temps instead of the Gates to learn some new tricks.