EDISON - A grieving family wants to know why help could not find a man suffering from a medical emergency, even though they were given his exact location.

Leon Zabavnik's family has many questions about how he died and why authorities in Atlantic City and at the Borgata Casino were unable to find him.

His daughter Yana Zabavnik says she was working in Vermont Sunday morning when she saw her father had left a message. In it, the father told his daughter he was having a stroke.

When Yana tried to call him back and he didn't answer, she called her mother, sister and police. They used a phone-locator app and determined their father was in a parking deck at the Borgata.

The family says they provided Atlantic City police and casino personnel with the make, model and color of their father's car - including the license plate number.

Authorities assured the family they were searching for the 60-year-old physical therapist from Fair Lawn. "They already scanned every level…They were doing everything that they could to find him," says Yana Zabavnik. "And I trusted that."

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By Monday, with still no word on her father, Yana and a friend drove to Atlantic City and pulled into the Borgata parking deck. She says they found his car within a minute of arriving on the property, but it was too late.

Yana says the the experience traumatized her and she doesn't understand why personnel couldn't find her father in an area full of cameras and security.

Atlantic City Police have not responded to a request from News 12 New Jersey for a comment.  

A spokesman for the Borgata says the casino does not comment on matters of security.