Feds raid Micropower Career Institute locations, 5 arrested

News 12 has been told the president and vice president of the school, along with three other employees, have been arrested at their homes.

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MINEOLA - Federal agents raided two campuses of a technical school today and placed five people under arrest.

Agents carted out boxes of records and computers from the Micropower Career Institute's Hauppauge and Mineola campuses. They arrested the school’s president, Sam Hiranandaney, as well as four other school employees.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators say Micropower may have been falsifying hundreds of attendance records for international students.

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Those students, who were on educational visas, need to maintain a minimum attendance level to keep their visas valid and receive financial aid from Washington. Since 2008, Micropower has collected $13 million in Pell Grants.

Micropower has additional campuses in Newark, Queens and Manhattan. On the school’s website, it boasts that it helps international students get financial aid and visas to study in the states.

The school has programs in IT and certifications in the medical and dental fields.

If found guilty, the five defendants arrested today face up to 20 years in prison.

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