NEWBURGH - Newburgh firefighters made a dramatic high wire rescue today, saving two men who were stuck in a bucket ladder over 140 feet in the air.

It took rescuers about 4 1/2 hours to safely rescue 29-year-old John Tice and 31-year-old Kyle Hults, using Kiryas Joel's bucket ladder, ropes and an extension ladder.

Officials say the men were testing the boom behind their job at United Rentals on 9W when the equipment somehow got stuck.

While City of Newburgh Fire Chief Michael Vatter says the company did whatever it could, he says the manufacturer refused to provide the override code to get the men down on their own.

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News 12 learned that once the men were on the ground, they appeared to be dehydrated.

Police say Tice refused medical attention but that Hults was taken to the hospital for evaluation.