Every year, my mom and I plant a garden together. We do it around spring and summer to make sure the vegetables ripen in the fall. You should also do it in the spring or summer because you don't want snow on your plants.

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In my garden, we plant cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, snap peas and green onions. Gardening is done by first digging a hole in the ground. Next, you put seeds in the hole. You can get seeds either from the vegetables you harvested last year or in any gardening store. Put only one kind of seeds in each hole. Then, you cover the hole with soil. Finally, you water your plants and let them grow.

Never give your plants too much water or sun -- if you give too much of either, your plants will die. I like doing this because it is fun, and it is a great way to spend time with my mom. So, if you are thinking about a garden, the time is right!