In many schools, kids speak different languages. These kids can have a hard time learning if there is not someone to help them. I think schools should have a language and translation program.

I have seen many examples of this problem. Some teachers do not speak the language a kid knows. Those teachers would need to find another teacher, kid or parent that does speak the language. One way teachers can solve this is to have a parent in their classroom who speaks the language. Schools can even have a special classroom where the students learn English or learn what their classmates are learning, but in their native language.

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It is not just kids who have this problem. At a meeting, parents who speak a different language might have a hard time understanding what is happening. They would not be able to know what their kids are doing. We could have a parent helper at these meetings. They could have a special section for these parents and a parent who tells the others what is happening. I think schools should have special language and translation programs. I think this would help kids with their future.

These little ideas can make big changes for the world.