HOBOKEN - A few lucky Super Bowl fans will spend the big game weekend aboard a luxury yacht along the Hoboken waterfront.

The "Majesty" can accommodate 1,200 passengers. It is docked in Hoboken, and it will host parties and all the NFL team press conferences in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. The teams will hold their own parties there too.

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The yacht is one of the many family-owned businesses getting a huge boost because of the big game. "I do have some business friends who are also doing business with the NFL," says Camille Cerria, of Smooth Sailing Celebrations. "I think that they have really boosted our economy in that way."

Owners say this is by far the biggest event they've ever hosted, and they're bringing in extra workers. "I would imagine like something we've never seen before," Cerria says.

Super Bowl party yachts aren't just for the super rich. Parties on many of these boats go for as little as $75 a person. And the smaller ones can host parties for just 20 people.

There are more than 40 party boat companies along the Hudson River.