Troopers ticketed 78 drivers Saturday during a four-hour speed enforcement detail on Interstate 684, State Police said.

Starting at 10 a.m., troopers manned several extra patrols on a stretch of the highway from Westchester County to Southeast, where I-684 continues through the Connecticut border.

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The saturation patrol was random and without warning and is part of an ongoing effort by the State Police to discourage speeding and help reduce the number of deaths on New York's highways.

Saturday's patrol comes as troopers prepare for a weeklong effort aimed at enforcing the state's Move Over Law, which requires drivers to slow down -- and switch lanes, if possible -- when they see police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks and maintenance crews on the shoulders of state highways. That enforcement effort begins Monday and will last through April 7.

Penalties for speeding vary in New York State. Drivers who exceed the speed limit by up to 10 mph are fined $90-$150 and receive three license penalty points, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers who exceed the speed limit by up to 30 mph can be fined as much as $300, and drivers who are more than 30 mph over the limit face fines of up to $600 and eight points or more on their licenses.

The DMV will revoke a driver's license if that person accumulates 11 or more penalty points. Likewise, violating New York's Move Over Law carries a penalty of three license points and up to $275 in fines. The fine amounts don't include extra fees tacked on by municipal courts.