JERSEY CITY - Several businesses in Jersey City say they are losing profits because of a construction project that’s at a standstill.

Wonder Bagel on Sip Avenue usually sees the longest lines on the weekend, but this month, customers and profits have been dwindling. Owner Issa Salloum says the reason for the slow business is because Sip Avenue is shut down for construction. She says the business has had to cut employee hours because of the slow business, and if it keeps up some will have to be fired.

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Work on the road began earlier this month to help relieve flooding problems. Businesses say they were initially told it would only be for one weekend after business hours, but the project manager later said a part would need to be ordered and work couldn’t proceed until it arrived.

While the road is shut down, customers are being forced to take a labyrinth of detours that shop owners say is deterring sales. One local pizzeria says it saw a total of seven delivery orders last Saturday.

Business owners say they want the city to open up at least one lane of traffic. Some business owners say they have spoken to the mayor about the issue and were told he would send someone to speak with the project manager on Monday.