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Shall we declare it a No-Complaint Thursday?

MV5BMTg2MTk2MzkxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjg0NTk5__V1__SX95_SY140_.jpgThe Mets occupy first place by themselves. The Yankees share first place with the Red Sox.

Life is good for New York baseball fans, no?

We declared May 5, 2008 a No-Complaint Monday. With both clubs off today, as the Yankees recover from their flight to Cleveland and the Mets hold a charity event in Connecticut, should we stop the fussin' and the feudin', as Homer said to Cletus in this episode of "The Simpsons" ?

No? OK. Just a thought. Moving on...

  • In Arlington, after watching Chien-Ming Wang dominate the Rangers in the final two innings of last night's game, and Jose Veras pitch horribly, I've changed my mind. Put Wang back in the rotation, keep Phil Hughes there and switch Joba Chamberlain to the eighth-inning setup role.

    Nah, I'm just kidding!

    Wang needs more time. And the Yankees should take more time, with so much of the team cruising, to search for bullpen solutions. If they can't find one, either internally or externally, without having to switch Joba, then shame on them.

    It amazes me how hot a topic this still is. Even the YES broadcasters were discussing it after last night's game.

    Again, why do we think that Joba will magically transform from the good but not great starting pitcher he is now into the out-of-this-world setup man he was back in 2007?

    Melky Cabrera will miss a few days after bruising his right shoulder while running into a wall Tuesday night in Texas.

  • Over at Citi Field, I didn't see Fernando Martinez neglect to run out a pop fly. Thanks to Richie G. for the alert. How bad was it?

    Instant replay has worked out very well for the Mets, even though, as Wally Matthews points out, the Mets might get burned by some of Citi Field's quirks.

    Remember when the Yankees had a couple of disputed balls go into replay, at their new stadium, early in the season? At the time, an MLB official telling me, "Citi Field will have more replays than Yankee Stadium by the end of the season." That's looking like a pretty good call.

  • In Baltimore, this is why we don't get worked up over the start of the season: The Jays are now 27-23, which is about what we expected.

    Is a Roy Halladay trade coming? They'd really have to continue their plummet. If they catch themselves here and stay around .500 for the rest of the season, I don't see it, not with their young talent and returning injured players offering hope that they can compete for real next season. But they can't compete for real next season without Halladay.

  • In San Francisco, Randy Johnson picked up his 299th career victory. Pretty cool. His first chance for number 300 comes next Wednesday at Washington.

  • Everywhere, apparently, will the madness ever stop?

  • Thanks to the IMDb for the photo.

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