Summertime means that doors are opening and closing constantly and daylight lasts a long time. With all this hustle and bustle, the opportunity for a pet to get out of the house or yard unnoticed is very real.

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When I was a kid, a dog or cat could walk for miles without anybody taking notice, but in this day and age any dog or cat walking the street is usually picked up right away by someone. So it is very important that pets all have proper ID tags on their collars. If you have a metal ID, it should be replaced once a year as the letters on it wear off.

Some pets have a microchip, and this is also a great means of identification, but it also means that whoever finds your pet needs to take it someplace that has a microchip reader, and this can delay the return of your pet. Just your name and phone number on the pet's collar can save you hours or days of worry.