Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington will begin a new film series in January. "Spirituality Through Cinema" will use films and documentaries to explore varying concepts of spirituality. It begins Thursday with the documentary "Baraka," a nonverbal look at spirituality around the world.

Coordinator Fred Craden, 71, of Huntington, explains that " 'Baraka' has no dialogue, but it does have phenomenal photography and spiritually oriented and nonspiritual music."

"I want to show films that have a spiritual question embedded in them," Craden adds.

Craden, who also hosts "The Vic Skolnick Sunday Morning Bagel Schmooze" monthly event at Cinema Arts, says what is often missed in the viewing experience is the opportunity to watch a movie and then have a conversation afterward. There will be a discussion after each of the films in the new series.

"How many times did you walk out of a movie wishing you had someone to talk about it with? You'll have a chance to do that with a room full of people," Craden says.

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WHEN | WHERE7:30 p.m. Thursday, Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington

INFO 631-423-7611, cinemaartscentre.orgADMISSION$15