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Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.

DEAR AMY: I was dating this wonderful guy for about a month. We deleted our dating profiles together and our relationship blossomed. He asked me if I would move in with him next year when his job sends him to a new location. The sparks were amazing: great chemistry, intelligent conversations. Last Tuesday he says, "We need to talk." It turns out he's married. His wife told him she was gay, and he assured me he would never take her back. The only problem was that in that state, they require a year for a divorce to be finalized. The ex-wife filed for divorce in July, so I told him "OK, we can do this, right?" He's like, "Yeah, you mean so much to me." I agreed to stay with him. Two days later he says (again) that we need to talk. Basically he said he needed to get his head together and was not fit to date me -- or anyone. He said he wanted no contact with me until the divorce is finalized. No calls. No texts. No hanging out. Then I got a text saying he is returning to his home state next week because his mother is suicidal. I think he's going back to his wife. I never lied to him or betrayed him the way she did. It's not fair. He won't answer my calls, and I'm beside myself. I appreciate your common sense. What do you make of this?

-- Devastated

DEAR DEVASTATED: Here's what I make of this: He's a liar and you're a mark. I have a strong feeling he has probably met other women the same way he met you, and he is stringing along more than one woman.

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Think about it: If he is so all-fired righteous about his wedding vows, then why did he jump into the online dating pool in the first place? And this detail about his mother -- what's that about? It's about his disappearance.

Chemistry is awesome. But it pales in comparison to the real deal: Honesty, integrity, reliability and the old-fashioned ability to live a high-functioning life.

I prescribe a "man diet" for a few weeks while you sort out what you might have done differently -- and what you will do differently next time.