Sites selling tropical plants

Colocasia and other tropical foliage; experts advise starting Colocasia and other tropical foliage; experts advise starting small, with plants in pots. Photo Credit: Landcraft Environments

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Many of the leading garden catalogs now carry some tropicals, and more and more local nurseries are doing so as well. Elephant ears and many of the more common exotic plants are widely available locally. Some lesser-known ones are, too, so it's definitely worth checking with your local retailer first.

For hard-to-find showstoppers, these websites deliver:

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Logee's Plants for Home and Garden ( 888-330-8038)

Almost Eden (almost 337-375-2114)

Plant Delights Nursery ( 919-772-4794)

California Carnivores ( 707-824-0433)

Longfield Gardens ( 855-534-2733)

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